full nodes - call to arms! There are only ~7500 publicly reachable nodes and not 11600. Mind, the Tor nodes (~2900) and IPv6 nodes (~1300) are not independent instances. They are just different network interfaces to IPv4 nodes, 99% of the time. 1/

Now, ~1100 of 7500 is on Hetzner. A single hosting provider controls ~15% of public full nodes. The next ~7% goes to AWS, and ~7% goes to OVH. Overall, 3750+ public nodes or 50% is controlled by top 8 hosting providers. 2/


Please run a public node. For "friends and family", the "uncle Jim" way. Pick niche hosting providers. Pick DC closest to your location and definitely not Frankfurt or Amsterdam. If possible, run the node on your own hardware, from your home ISP, if the uplink is good enough. 3/

To have a fixed address on your home ISP use Tor onion service (the best and easiest option) and dynamic DNS (in case you also need clearnet, maybe for testing, or maybe for friends who can't Tor). 4/4.

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