turned on `advanced web interface` and now i have three columns all bunched up to the left of my screen and the entire right side of my screen is blank, exactly what i wanted /s

serious question... how can y'all stack if y'all were already all in 🧐

I want to click those 3 dots and see a button for follow, i dont want to have to click into a profile to follow

@richd how do I check if my lightning node ip is available? i am now running it as a hidden service v3 in tor

is lnbig not opening inbound channels anymore?

also why does it gotta say 'Toot!' lol i mean come on

mastodon pretty cool, seems to be the same as twitter for the most part minus activity

This is what the FAQ says my error is:
No public address associated with the key

Make sure that your node is advertising its external IP address (for lnd you should have externalip set), otherwise peers will not be able to establish connections to your node.

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Maybe this is a good place to ask. I have a c-lightning node with outbound liquidity... how do I get inbound? i tried lnbig .. they are out, and lightningto.me says they can't find my ip address.. Anyone know how I can fix?

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