Torrent-Paradise launches a Pirate Bay alternative that takes decentralization to the next level.
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I clearly cannot handle all the things I want to in my life alone, some of them will have to do my future children.

Sometimes, people there scare me. And sometimes I propably scare people there. Mastodon.

Lets make international BLIND A CAMERA day, when people get together and will blind as much cameras in their city as possible, by simple covering the in a paper or so.

@TallTim but how about that lizard behind the curtain?

Before: corporations like mcdonalds make us fat and ill, we need to stop them!
Today: Please dont say that being fat is unhealthy, that is fatphobic!

So corporations have won, I guess.

@m4iler @ink_slinger authoritative regimes do not want to get rid of smart guys, that is something i have been taught in school and it makes no sense. Rather, they want to get rid of any people that go against the regime - smart ones are most dangerous. In Soviet Union and Nazi Germany many clever people worked for the regime and lived good life. Its good to know, because regime we live in is becoming more authoritative and you dont see smart guys being removed

it's like ten thousand favs when all you need is a boost

@m4iler props to you for changing that <ul><li> style, very clever in this context.

@profispojka Language helps dictate thought, which is why it was so centrally featured in Orwell's "1984" with "newspeak".

@profispojka did defining words differently became a part of political fight of power?

Is there a single political word, that isnt defined differently among members of different groups of people?

What I don't get about Slack or any other 'chat as a service' system is why tech companies would willingly backdoor themselves with a surveillance system to harvest all their most private in-house discussions.

All those chat logs must be worth quite a bit to the right buyers.

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