I really need a good enough youtube alternative. Maybe federated type project with IPFS for storage? Might try to write one in Vue and Node.

@profispojka I've been hearing about something called Peertube, dont know much about it but a lot of the ppl on here like it

@profispojka Any dealings I've had with IPFS just brings to mind "slow as fuckall" There's got to be a way to incentivize that sort of problem while still making it distributed. Current efforts aren't good enough.

@TallTim Well, the videos could be stored on the servers, making IPFS sort of back up plan when the servers got shut down.

@profispojka @TallTim I would say the key issue here is the business plan itself. e.g. how to sustain CDN costs (e.g. we have built own at , it is actually pretty easy these days, but you are bleeding money for drives and connectivity). for example can you launch fully subscription based model from the beginning? how to bootstrap it?

@bobek @profispojka We need a full-meshed network alternative that removes reliance on commercial operators. Once there's network ubiquity that is uncensored, then other things can be done on top of that hardware layer. Strap wifi cells to trees with solar? Who knows, we need a solution that isn't corporate-gated.

@TallTim @bobek I cannot agree more. Unfortunately I am not a hardware guy, so I would like to support that project, but also help by creating something more. Anyway, this seems very interesting alternative to corporate gated internet:

@bobek @TallTim These are some serious questions I am definitely not prepared for and they will have to be part of the research. But decentralized architecture will provide us with some advantages. CDN will I guess be replaced simply by different instances and iself, therefore these instances will handle their costs as they see fit. One instance could be payed, the other one could profit from ads. As for the cost of development, that remains a question. I'll have to check how mastodon do

@profispojka @bobek Not trying to crap on your effort, just recognizing that there's more that needs to be in place for it to flourish, unless you come up with some other novel way to solve the interconnectability problem.

@TallTim @bobek No, critical discussion is needed before starting any project, thank you for that :)

@TallTim This is kinda hybrid architecture, but nobody tried it as far as I know.

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