What would happen if my Mastodon instance gets shut down? Is my whole account lost?

@profispojka Yes. (I think.) Everything you do anywhere is identified and authenticated by "your [email protected]". If ceases to exist, your [email protected] no longer can do anything anywhere.

@fuxoft @profispojka Yes, it would be lost completely. It's better to self host.

@Mac_CZ @fuxoft It would be cool to have a mechanism, by which I could download and reupload my stuff to another instance and somehow proove to the network its me. Anyway, díky hoši!

@profispojka @Mac_CZ @fuxoft A private key signature might solve that problem. They who hold the key, are who they say they are. Again, this would call for a keysigning party and all the stuff connected to a public key infrastructure.

@m4iler @Mac_CZ @fuxoft But I think it would be awesome. Hopefully some day.

@profispojka @Mac_CZ You can definitely do that but it's definitely not user friendly and you must have admin access to your server.

@fuxoft @Mac_CZ Okay, it would be great if they made it more user friendly, I’ll check github and forum if thats something they had considered.

@profispojka I guess it depends what you mean exactly by "get shut down"

@profispojka oh, in this case I guess yes, it's all gone. Maybe it's possible to do some kind of backup though idk

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