If you value your privacy, you surely could spend a few buck supporting the monero project :) ccs.getmonero.org/funding-requ

@profispojka Youtube are such twats. I hope BitChute eats them alive.

When big corporation acts as if it cares about social issues, they are actually buying a better image, they do not really care.

I really need a good enough youtube alternative. Maybe federated type project with IPFS for storage? Might try to write one in Vue and Node.

Btw I am not real, I am just a character from a book, so you know.

Decentralized product: "Its very easy to deploy this on amazon cloud!" ... okay, could we consider this a decentralization antipattern of sorts?

Not taking action to protect ones privacy, because the piece of paper called law will surely save us all :D

Call it a rebellion against nihilism and the universe itself-- life Itself is absurd, we are absurd, this whole scenario is absurd, and we are charged with making sure that that absurdity never stops. Life itself is its own meaning, meaning enough that "why" is made irrelevant. Why? Why not!? Hell, if there wasn't life, you wouldn't be asking why at all would you? Isn't THAT reason enough? Isn't THIS all enough?

Yes it is. The cosmos is worth being experienced. Life itself is worthwhile.

Nejsem rasista, ale nikdo kdo neviděl alespoň jednu přednášku od profesora docenta Kulhánka by slovní spojení Kvantová fyzika neměl brát do pusy.

USPol, Federal Employees, Shutdown, The Reality for Them 

betaNews.com: Torrent-Paradise launches a Pirate Bay alternative that takes decentralization to the next level.
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#torrent #decentralized #ipfs #bittorrent #paradise
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