Torrent-Paradise launches a Pirate Bay alternative that takes decentralization to the next level.
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I clearly cannot handle all the things I want to in my life alone, some of them will have to do my future children.

Sometimes, people there scare me. And sometimes I propably scare people there. Mastodon.

Lets make international BLIND A CAMERA day, when people get together and will blind as much cameras in their city as possible, by simple covering the in a paper or so.

Before: corporations like mcdonalds make us fat and ill, we need to stop them!
Today: Please dont say that being fat is unhealthy, that is fatphobic!

So corporations have won, I guess.

it's like ten thousand favs when all you need is a boost

@profispojka Language helps dictate thought, which is why it was so centrally featured in Orwell's "1984" with "newspeak".

@profispojka did defining words differently became a part of political fight of power?

Is there a single political word, that isnt defined differently among members of different groups of people?

What I don't get about Slack or any other 'chat as a service' system is why tech companies would willingly backdoor themselves with a surveillance system to harvest all their most private in-house discussions.

All those chat logs must be worth quite a bit to the right buyers.

Full list of coins that are not sh*tcoins: bitcoin, monero

We are just fluctuations on quantum fields

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