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The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her life.

Not complicated for long term investors on when to purchase .


Clear and respected indicator with awesome track record.

4 strong buy signals in past 10 years.

Each signal led to massive gains 18 months later.

If you have the patience, sometimes it is that easy.

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Once you realise governments don't have your best interests in mind, coupled with the fact that the money is rigged, everything changes.

can't be inflated.

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Most people are aware that has no ruler, but it does have rules. Instead of a bank or corporation, these rules are enforced by individual users all over the world running nodes!

Here is how a transaction works

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Satoshi: the problem with society is that the people who are closest to the money supply have influence over the rules of the system, and structure them in their own favor.

Shitcoin projects: let’s reproduce the existing system in digital form and call it “Proof-of-Stake”.

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