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Elon just ended Parag’s career with one emoji

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The @TenthAmendment is one of the most underrated accounts on all social media platforms.
Give them a follow.
Thank me later.

Side note: I don’t think
James Madison gets nearly as much love as the other
Founding Fathers…and he should.

Haha. Subtle secondary lesson. 😏
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God keeps putting me in the same damn lesson cuz he’s knows I’m a stubborn learner.

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An amazing sea serpent skeleton sculpture.

150-meter aluminum sea serpent skeleton sculpture in Saint Brevin near Nantes, France. Artist Huang Yong Ping

An oldie and a goodie.
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my dms be like "Do you trade? Do u have cordanoh?" 😑 😂

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15 Deep Psychology And Philosophy Quotes From "Carl Jung"

| Thread

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Mood in the cryptocurrency space right now.

Sound on 🔈🔈

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Are you connecting the dots?

1/ Last week: Mexican President @lopezobrador_ threatens to cancel his participation in the Summit of the Americas in June, as have done several other Latin-American leaders.


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one of the best tiktoks I’ve ever seen

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Sound risk management begins with knowing what the hell you’re invested in. Period.

Do the work. Don’t just hope for a good outcome.

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