January 12th

2009 - Genesis Transaction Day - the first tx ever broadcast on the Bitcoin network is sent by Satoshi to Hal in Block 170

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📍São Paulo

January 11th

2009 - Hal Finney tweets "Running Bitcoin"

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📍São Paulo

Got blown away by the UX of @crytoadvance Specter!
One thing is the great looking browser interface and app option, but connecting to Bitcoin Core only under the hood makes me more excited than any button!
Try the latest version on a :
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SLP205 Specter-Desktop with @StepanSnigirev & @_benkaufman

- multi sig
- making it ea…

Suggestion: add directory.btcpayserver.org to the menu at the top of btcpayserver.org, I only found it way at the bottom in the right corner.
Finding merchants is something users like myself are interested in!

(who to ping? @kukks maybe).

#bitcoin #btcpayserver

Bitcoin only. Starts in 2 blocks. Tickets available, payment via Lightning (approx. 250k sats) join in and learn the value of Bitcoin from some of the brightest minds.

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No shitcoins, no ICOs, no scams

Join the Value of Bitcoin Digital to learn about the economics of Bitcoin.

It starts in 20 minutes!

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I'd play that

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Is their any computer game yet? Shouldn‘t be too hard to patch/mod existing grand strategy, 4x, Civilization like games so they run with a fixed money supply and purchasing power increases and prices decrease as your civilization grows!? @[email protected] @[email protected]

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You see citizen...

The State saved the economy from The Virus .

But then The Terrorists, which were funded by The Other Side, ruined it by breaking windows.

Not our fault you don't have a job.

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The badger one is gaining traction.

These are open source, and I WANT you to steal it. Sell merchandise, modify it, do whatever you want. It belongs to all of us.

Grab the high res files here:
cryptocloaks.com/file-factory/ twitter.com/thefuckisalommy/st

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@[email protected] "I can somewhat understand this. They're under stress." No way would they bend over backwards to rationalize this kind of cop behaviour and soften its coverage if they were covering any non-Western country.

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At the beginning of 2020 I thought there was still a chance for governments to win the cold war against Bitcoin simply by starting to do a good job, cutting inflation and serving their citizens...


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AF MVP service for buying sats for dirty fiat lnvaders.com
You're emailed an faucet (lnvader)
$5 = $4(sats), $10 = $9(sats), $20 = $19(sats)

When the elderly would tell the children about it, they would always give this advice: “Beware! Never allow a glass mansion to violate your sovereignty. But if one day somehow such a glass mansion should be set up, don’t believe that it’d be an unbreakable, indestructible thing. Know that it will suffice to fling a couple of heads to shatter the most imposing kind.”


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The people quickly cleaned up the debris of the glass mansion and, realizing that it was possible to lead their lives without it in this world, returned to their former way of life by electing peers from among themselves to manage public life. The bad memories of the glass mansion were not forgotten for a long time.

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When the people saw that the, in their belief, most solid, indestructible, unbreakable, gigantic glass mansion was, in fact, rotten, they took the heads in their hands and, one after the other, started to fling them at it. In the blink of an eye, the glass mansion was smashed to smithereens, collapsed and fallen apart; most of those inside were buried under broken bits of glass, only five to ten people who were near the doors could barely save themselves.

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Thereupon, when the people with their brainless, tongue-less, eyeless heads were about to disperse, one lackadaisical fellow said: “I have no need for such a head!” The fellow held the head by its horns and flung it. This was when something happened, that surprised everyone; the head flew through the air with high speed and “BAM!...” crashed into the glass mansion, causing a huge rift.

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The ringleader bent over: “Dear, the tongue is not necessary! You wouldn’t know how to eat it!” A third fellow: “For God’s sake, they also took out the eyes from the heads!”
The ringleader answered this one, too: “You wouldn’t know how the eyes are to be used, give them up, too…”

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When those that had received their sheep’s head were about to disperse, one fellow, looking at the sheep’s head in his hand, shouted in astonishment: “All well and good, but they took out the brains of this head!”
The ringleader called out from the balcony: “Yea… however, what do you want it for? You wouldn’t know how to cook it and fritter it away!”
Another fellow cried: “Very well, but these heads don’t have tongues either!”

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We are working for your glory, your honor, we have nothing else on our minds than your wellbeing. Look, those sheep you brought today, we didn’t even eat all of them, we cut down our expenses on food to give one part back to you. All the sheep’s heads shall be handed out to the people!”
The heads of the sheep that had been brought alive shortly before, now slaughtered, excoriated and about to be roasted, were handed out to the people by the many henchmen of the glass mansion.

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