I try my best to post on Mastodon first. Unless it's a reply to a thread, I'm posting it here. If you do the same, drop a comment and I'll follow you.
The flood of RTs isn't really doing Mastodon any favors.

@pox true indeed. I tend to stop follow RT heavy accounts. If I wanted Twitter I'd have kept my account.


I have no choice. My twitter account was permanently "suspended".

@georgevaccaro i was suspended for 12 hours yesterday. all I did was inform someone that he suffers from a mental deficiency. no good deed...


I miss the old, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" days. As if the offended snowflakes weren't enough, the platforms feel compelled to step in to nanny conversations. smh

@pox yo, doing the same. know it geta quiet here but there's thoughtful content and i don't miss the drama on birdsite.

@pox I don't get why anyone post at all on Birdspace. The entire narrative of "educating the masses" is bs. It's too late for those what still don't get it, we can't fix them. There's enough content online they can DYOR if they really care to be responsible. Twitter is a cesspool and there is nothing to gain being there. At this point it's a matter of addiction, bad habits.

@jakub I thought this too, but then I realized that e.g. michael saylor only got redpilled less than 12 months ago, and in large part owing to bitcoin propagandists on twitter. if CEOs need to sign up to Sphinx chat just to be able to hear about Bitcoin as a reserve asset, then we're not really doing ourselves any favors.
but propaganda is one thing, and twitter is good for that, while discussion and news is another, and for that I think it's good to give mastodon precedence.

@pox I agree 100%. Platform was definitely a great platform for Saylor, to get the word out. You could hear the passion in his voice when he speaks about Bitcoin. For mere mortals like myself, I can talk about it until I'm blue in the face and the powers that be either shadow ban me or I'm fallen on deaf ears, until I'm right and then I get solicited. It's just not for me at this point.

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