I fucked up my opsec. There could be a point of time in the future when I'm wanted by NSA/FBI or some like that.

I have a burner phone and I installed Telegram on it, which is fine, but then I added my account on my desktop computer with no VPN... so now Telegram knows my home IP address. Fuck. How bad is this? I mean, is Telegram known for giving away their users to authorities? Should I delete the account or too late now?


fuck :( my name is my project name, I'm launching some time this year... I kinda like nicebit.net -- rebranding again... fuck fuck fuck

thanks tho


don't take it too seriously. was just joking. in all likeliness you've been pwnd privacy wise a whole bunch of times already and just don't know it. remaining completely anonymous is exceedingly hard.
good luck in any case.


I was extra paranoid, and this is not my first nym. By extra paranoid I mean I never touched anything online without Tor and/or VPN, and the mobile number connected to my nym is bought for cash and never connected to my wireless or anything.

I could dox myself by writing style or some personal info maybe? I talk too much sometimes lol

@nicebit yea, writing style, online hours of day to narrow timezone, correlation of burner cell signal with normie cell signal (e.g. if you travel with both). idk, I'm no spook/hacker. just assume that it's practically impossible to avoid the NSA if you're targeted specifically.

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