Now that Bitcoin has died what else is going on?
Is the new season of Sunny any good?

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I'm trying to verify 22.0 and the key with which you seemed to have signed it is 9DEAE0DC7063249FB05474681E4AED62986CD25D

The one I've been using so far is 90C8 019E 36C2 E964

Has it changed?

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Talking bitcoin mining with @excellion and @adam3us

Subscribe here to get it first thing tomorrow morning:

Topics: Building finance on top of bitcoin; Bitcoin is apolitical and so will never deny you; energy austerity and 'toxic optimism'

god damn look at where block times are at
nearly uncharted territory (since 2010)

Israel lifts the last of the covid restrictions (masks) today, 6 months after it started vaccinating, 2 months after herd immunity has been reached.

Better late than never.

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feature request:
a data source that queries an HTTP endpoint to get the display value. This way people could share custom displays (e.g. I have a taproot signalling % display, currently just cron & curl).
Gives the clock a nice social engagement aspect.

My favorite shelf.

(blockclock showing taproot signaling in current diff period)

If I never hear that Will Smith Miami song again I'll die a happy man.

Gold miners undermine the value of gold.
Bitcoin miners increase the value of Bitcoin.

So, the answer is nope. curates the best articles that counter FUD.
It your handy one pager of bookmarks to fire at any noob regurgitating the fud du jour.

what's the cheapest way to buy a domain with btc and set it to redirect to some URL (not CNAME, HTTP redirection)?

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Don't go smoke weed on Joe Rogan kidz. You'll end up thinking AI poses an existential threat and that the only problem with BCH was it didn't have a cute dog logo. signaling taproot now, so we're over 90% for sure if they all fully signal by the start of next diff period.
ST worked.

God dammit I tried to fund a LN channel with fees at 5 sat/vb and just as I broadcast it 50 MB of txs rush into the mempool.
Why can't bitcoin be this small thing that belongs to programmers?

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