Previous decades were about the finacialization of the economy to the benefit of those closest to the money spigot (I.e. The Cantillion Effect).

Going forward we will see the gameification of the economy to the benefit of those who align themselves with broad incentives.

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1/ Everyone knows that time is money. In the digital realm, however, money is also intricately related to time. It has to be.

I'm smarter than the vast majority of people that I know.

I'm dumber than the vast majority of Bitcoin plebs.

This is good for Bitcoin.

At $100k every Bitcoin exchange/service provider should switch to the Sat Standard.

Buying 1,000 sats for $1 will start to feel like the opportunity of a lifetime.

Until then, unit bias will wreck many potential plebs.

Bitcoin's scarcity harnesses the potential value of all time (infinity) to unburden us from our extremely finite time to accrue value.

The forward looking individual can secure the only form of immortality known to mortals which is to retain their value beyond their existence.


The weekly candle is looking bullish AF.

It has a nearly $8k price wick. Huge if it closes above the weekly open.

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Was a good run, est. 08 Aug 2018

The future of internet communities should be balkanized into smaller groups choosing who they connect to.

It's less efficient, but also exponentially more resilient.
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Just realized running a community server will be eternal FUD rebutting endevour

I'll probably shut down

I've better things to do w/ my life than rebutting scammers & FUDsters

Will likely run a Mastodon fo…

Maximalism is humanity's default mode when it comes to hard money.

Once you understand that Bitcoin is the scarcest asset in the known universe, you understand that its destiny is to become an unparalleled Unit of Account.

Everyone is a Maximalist, they just don't know it yet.

Haven’t been posting quite as much the last few days, but there seems to be more engagement at than Twitter - for me at least.

This is surprising and also very promising.

I had no cogent financial plan prior to Bitcoin.

Coming of age in a world of never ending money printing and bailouts left me feeling hopeless about saving for the future.

The world just felt like a massive Ponzi scheme.

I am hopeless no more and plan for a better future.

"Voting isn’t going to do it, we need direct action from millions upon millions of humans around the world."

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"Each individual has different skills, temperaments, circumstances and commitments, so what degree of action one takes is a deeply personal decision.

All I ask is that you think about how you can contribute to the goal of a more voluntary, decentralized, peaceful, conscious, cooperative, community-centered and networked world and how much time and energy you’re realistically willing to give the effort."

- Michael Krieger (@LibertyBlitz)

IMO, the strongest argument for remaining on Twitter is to maintain a sufficient white blood cell count throughout the bull run.

If the most ardent and forceful Bitcoiners leave Twitter, noobs will effectively be left to the wolves.

The best lessons are often learned through pain, but we can still strive to save those willing to learn.

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Twitter is seriously bad for one's mental and emotional health.

It's a pressure cooker for negativity where everyone collectively amplifies negativity.

There is just no way I'm going back at this point.

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Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

At over $5k, today was Bitcoin's largest ever daily wick.

This record will be broken many times over the next year.


Moby Wick

Old Bear Whale
Could teach us a valuable lesson
The one thing he wanted
Escaped his possession
The crew he recruited
All died in pursuit of
The market making short:
The impossible mission

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