@pmullr Is he planning some kind of attack on Bitcoin?

@pmullr why do you even bother giving his nonsense your attention?

@kekcoin @pmullr the world would be a less funny place without Fakeoshi’s tweets I guess

@Clownbase i have this theory that he had/has a real problem with alcohol, which shows on his neck as some rash which can be see in some interviews he has given

one of the symptons of an alcoholic

@pmullr Fake Satoshi shilling for BCH after all Bitcoin core has done for him.

@pmullr Intrigued by your proposed burn as a thought experiment. ...but just not that concerned that he's anything but a fraud.

@pmullr This is coming from the same guy that said was going to 10k. Hilarious.

@TallTim yeah man, CSW made the worst call anyone on crypto twitter made yet

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