Ok lets do some fun maths:
Lets assume the fork-lift we see is this one:


Construction height: 1990 mm

We know that 100 stacked 50euro banknotes have a height of 12mm=1.2cm.
So thats 0,012cm height for one 50€ banknote/sheet.


Ok so lets take 2 meters of fork-lift height, subtract 14cm for that pallet below and 20cm for those missing sheets to fork-lift top.


166cm/0,012cm = 13833 sheets of 50€

We now see that there are 2 of those on the pallet so that makes 2x13833=27666.

Ok so now all we need to do is to calc 27666*2000=55.332.000

So there is an estimated amount of 55mil euros on that fork-lift guys.

Did i miscalc anything?

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