Report Signals UK Housing Bubble Bust: "Home Values Fell For The Fifth Straight Month"

if this bullrun plays out, then gold will tank hard aF

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Ok so i have this funny idea on , hear me out.
No really guys, hear me out - its quite interesting.
You ready?

Ok so what if CSW patents BCH functionalities, then sues for using it after the IPO gets through?

Just sowing thought seeds here guys.

when using vivaldi browser i accidently found out that when you middle click the upper border just below the tabs it scrolls out the page preview

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youre able to add chrome plugins, has cool screenshot features, a sidebar that you have to get used to at first, but which you dont want to miss later on - quite cool all in all


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so ive been using vivaldi browser for a couple of days now and im pretty cool with it

What the US really need in addition to a Space Force is a Feel Force.

You have Ground,
you have air,
you have water,
you have space
and you have inner space.

Ok so now all we need to do is to calc 27666*2000=55.332.000

So there is an estimated amount of 55mil euros on that fork-lift guys.

Did i miscalc anything?

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