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Padawan Wallet v0.7.0 is out:

- Transaction history list
- Faucet sends 21,000 testnet sats on startup
- UI improvements!

Early testers welcome! Download the apk on the GitHub release page and start playing with testnet coins in minutes (github.com/thunderbiscuit/pada)

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The country of El Salvador gets all the attention as being the first country to adopt , but it’s important to know that there is a small team, in a small village, that sparked all this. Those people don’t get the recognition they deserve. This thread brings more context.

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Same people calling this 14 year old a wage cuck are the ones who will be working for him when he’s 30 🤷‍♂️ twitter.com/kittynouveau/statu

Just wow 😳
The revolution you're riding came to existence thanks to the ones you call "cowards"...

I guess bigotry within Bitcoin community and it's beloved heroes is more common than most like to believe.
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@dergigi Only the cowardly find it easier to speak their mind while hiding their face.

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I don't like Glassnode in general but I gotta admit sometimes they come up with pretty interesting stuff.

This is incredibly underrated, the dissipation of morons trying to have a say in Bitcoin is the best outcome of this altcoin mess...
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11/ "Had this outlet not been available they may have stayed in Bitcoin fighting the block size war and the sheer weight of numbers of large blockers would have been too large to overcome." But after ETH, if you disagreed with BTC, "there was always a coin to suit people’s needs”

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A brilliant book that should be read by all interested in how got to where it is today twitter.com/gladstein/status/1

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1/ Want to know who controls Bitcoin?

Read "The Blocksize War" by Jonathan Bier.

This should be *required reading* for any journalist or scholar writing about Bitcoin.

🧵 on some of my favorite insights:


Yup, no way around this
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@HassanAesthetic less security, more centralization

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For anyone wondering "WTF Just Happened?!"

Here's what I'm looking at:


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Step 1: invent a currency to solve another currency’s problem
Step 2: make the problem worse way fucking worse
Step 3: profit


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How you can obtain the surface area of a sphere buff.ly/2QZozPD [via the sinusoidal projection bit.ly/2nph9Ex]

Remember how Eth 2.0 launched in 2017?
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Remember how Dfinity launched in 2018?

Too true, needed to be articulated as well, thanks for taking your time @giacomozucco 🔥

There are always morons who believe they can fight gravity, time will humble them (or crush them).
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I just published What’s Wrong With the Chainlink 2.0 Whitepaper? (For Simpletons) link.medium.com/S5meVHSnUfb

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It seems that @justinsuntron did not really like that I disclosed his address for BDP farming, and therefore he began to use a new one.

h/t @DeBankDeFi twitter.com/FrankResearcher/st t.co/RFQwvCPk5b

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🤣 I just sent to 🇳🇬

- 42 Sat Fee : $0.0113
- 5 Seconds Phone-to-Phone
- ⚡ Network Rail
- Using the [email protected] Wallet



Most of them won't be able to get over their ego and majority will try to change their stories and pretend they always said so... Nevertheless, will be amusing to witness in the years to come 😂
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Tens of thousands of econ PhDs worldwide have spent years haughtily dismissing bitcoin as a worthless bubble.

Try to imagine their horror when it finally dawns on them that bitcoin is the best money ever invented and the actual …

Powerful concepts everyone should get familiar with 🔥⚡
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1/ With one needs to change a mindset from “ethereum smart contracts” to normal understanding of what smart contract is. And first, this is a _contract_ between parties. Well-defined parties. Not some record in a global registry, like this concept was distorted in ethereum.

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