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How you can obtain the surface area of a sphere buff.ly/2QZozPD [via the sinusoidal projection bit.ly/2nph9Ex]

Remember how Eth 2.0 launched in 2017?
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Remember how Dfinity launched in 2018?

Too true, needed to be articulated as well, thanks for taking your time @giacomozucco 🔥

There are always morons who believe they can fight gravity, time will humble them (or crush them).
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I just published What’s Wrong With the Chainlink 2.0 Whitepaper? (For Simpletons) link.medium.com/S5meVHSnUfb

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It seems that @justinsuntron did not really like that I disclosed his address for BDP farming, and therefore he began to use a new one.

h/t @DeBankDeFi twitter.com/FrankResearcher/st t.co/RFQwvCPk5b

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🤣 I just sent to 🇳🇬

- 42 Sat Fee : $0.0113
- 5 Seconds Phone-to-Phone
- ⚡ Network Rail
- Using the [email protected] Wallet



Most of them won't be able to get over their ego and majority will try to change their stories and pretend they always said so... Nevertheless, will be amusing to witness in the years to come 😂
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Tens of thousands of econ PhDs worldwide have spent years haughtily dismissing bitcoin as a worthless bubble.

Try to imagine their horror when it finally dawns on them that bitcoin is the best money ever invented and the actual …

Powerful concepts everyone should get familiar with 🔥⚡
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1/ With one needs to change a mindset from “ethereum smart contracts” to normal understanding of what smart contract is. And first, this is a _contract_ between parties. Well-defined parties. Not some record in a global registry, like this concept was distorted in ethereum.

Had big hopes for NU, disappointing to see them take this path. NU and KEEP team dont even merge into one team, putting all risk on community.

NU will now have to deal with 2 separate communities and their politics, and we have seen how Matt loves to jump to new projects.
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Introducing : the first ever decentralized, on-chain network hard merge between @keep_project and @NuCypher!? t.co/W6CE6E5XEO

👇🏽 and much worse than most would imagine
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The big accounts are all here to provide entertainment for you (and very occasionally valuable insights). Eg, lots of self-proclaimed BTC maxis are secretly shitcoin degens and vice versa.

Sat standard should be pushed harder, no reason to keep measuring in whole anymore.

Shitcoins will only get more traction if this is not addressed soon enough.
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@mir_btc If $49k/BTC is too expensive but $49/key, 4.9c/bit, or 0.049c/sat.

❌ Scam Advisory #86- PAID Network $PAID (0x8c8687fC965593DFb2F0b4EAeFD55E9D8df348df)

Reason: The owner can mint tokens and did mint tokens to fresh wallets who never bought the presale. Contract is behind a proxy.

Likeliness of losing all funds: Very High


Common misconceptions, nobody is asking to be taken seriously. You do you, let others do their thing.

will not swallow you whole cause you "approved" it, you will beg to use its infrastructure.

Getting emotional over behaviors is as useful as getting upset over taxes.
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Laser eyes.🤖

The single most bearish factor I am presently considering for Bitcoin.

Unbridled enthusiasm + FOMO buying usually =s deep…

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This is how they openly lie

The demand for debt is influenced by pushing interest rates low and or negative. By giving debt away practically for free, the demand for debt increases. Thus the debt goes up, thus the ratio goes up.

Remind me please who sets the interest rates? twitter.com/stlouisfed/status/

Shame most got liquidated already though... Heard a good phrase the other day "the only problem with common sense is... It's not that common" 🙃
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Heard a good phrase today: mental liquidity. The ability to quickly change your mind without being stuck on a particular world view.

And one of those groups will outlive the other, place your bets...
Old people: why the fuck would I store value in lines of computer code?

Young people: why the fuck would I store value in shiny rocks?

I could see this working well in combination with projects like , @NuCypher or @nymproject
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Books are being banned, but on-chain books will unban them.

- ⛓Crypto native payments
- 🤝Transparent royalties
- 🔑View keys in wallet
- ✍️Digitally signed special editions
- 🌎No region locks
- 🔓No server-side censorship
- 💻Fully machine-readable, translatable, annotatable

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