The evidence is clear.

The evidence is mounting.

They can't cover-up what's happening around the world.

The biggest threat to the vaccinated are... the VACCINATED.

Unvaccinated are in no better/worse off than 2 years ago.

They still have natural immunities.

They still have a 99.97% survival rate IF THEY DO NOTHING.

If they treat with Zinc & any ionophore (HCQ, Ivermectin, Quercetin, ECGC) they are 100% curable unless they have a serious comorbidity that kills them.



@GetsGreased common sense for anyone paying attention.


"Paying attention" is the issue, right?

A lot of people think they're paying attention. They read the NYT, Wall Street Journal, watch a little CNN, MSNBC or corrupt FoxNews. Even tune into their local TV coverage.

Common sense is NOT common. Common sense is what survives the propaganda war, and for a probable majority of America, propaganda is winning, along with fear.

We don't need a majority to be aware, just a majority to admit Democrats & RINOS are the enemy.

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