I have thought about the following solution for my Photo storage needs: I have a private VPN on fuxoft.cz where I could run some sort of photo gallery app. However, I have lots of photos (currently around 500 GB) so I'd have to host these elsewhere (e.g. wasabi.com). So the photo software should have some sort of local cache (e.g. 10 GB) and access the main photo storage as little as possible (i.e. no periodic automatic scanning). Is there OSS photo software that can be configured like this?

@fuxoft a lot of hosting plans charge what they do because the disk is fast SSD storage. However, you can find plans that allow storage addons...usually something you can mount to a VPS, and that addon storage should be cheaper/larger than the expensive SSD storage.

@pj I am not quite sure how that relates to my problem? I already have a VPN with root access and fast (limited) SSD storage. I know about slow and cheap storage clouds (wasabi, Backblaze). I was asking how to get them play nicely together with a photo archiving / sharing / sorting online application.


@fuxoft well, with WordPress for example, you could "mount" the extra storage to the "uploads" directory and then the WP media library would have all your photos on the bigger mounted drive... Also, VPN & VPS are different, I think you mean VPS.

@pj Oh, yes, sorry, I means VPS. Your proposed solution would only work if the "slow" online storage was accessed infrequently, only when absolutely necessary. I am not sure if any of the open photo management projects support this. I will have to do some experimenting.

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