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So basically the tank was just decoration? 😂

3. Hired a technical leader in the crypto space like Charlie Lee, Jimmy Song, Jackson Palmer, Sunny King, or Mr Watanabe. One of them would sell out :-D

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Facebook missed opportunity. If I was Zuckerberg, I would have:
1. Created a legit Facebook Genesis block and marketed it as "Facebook eStock" and do a grassroots ICO forked from BTC with Segwit/Lightning support.
2. Partnered with CoinList, or Medici Ventures, or Max Keiser, or even Bitshares to create the first "cloud-based stock market" totally missed a huge opportunity there.

"Keeping my mind on a better life
Where happiness is only a heartbeat away
Paradise, can it be all I heard it was
I close my eyes and maybe I'm already there."

"Styx - Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (Official Video)"

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Beer delivery you say?

Last year, I paid ~$600 in red light fines. In LI, you can turn right on red, I suppose I missed the signs that advised against those particular red lights. <Grumble>

“In the past weeks, Gov. @GregAbbott_TX has:
- Banned red light cameras
- OK'd beer delivery
- Protected free speech on college campuses
- Allowed kids to run lemonade stands
- Signed the Save Chick-fil-A bill
- Banned deceptive telemarketer calls
Let's all be more like Texas.”

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These are hardware kill switches.

Not a webcam cover. Not software disabled Wi-Fi. Kill switch.

Laptops should have these.

Ours do.


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Under GDPR, companies are required to erase consumers' personal data when a user withdraws their consent.

In the EU? Use Opt Out (free & open-sourced) to exercise this right by generating GDPR Erasure request emails to have your data removed. opt-out.eu

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Keep in mind that these entities are each paying $10 million for the privilege of running a node aka unlimited access to transactional data. What this announcement *actually* means is that now Visa, MC, PayPal *and* Facebook are *each* getting unfettered access to users' data. twitter.com/fintechfrank/statu

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the real problem with discord that makes them truly evil is that they sell their solution as being something that provides self-determination.

when you move your community to discord, you start a what they call a "discord server."

to be clear, there is not really any such thing as a "discord server," this is just marketing terminology for group functionality.

they call it a discord "server" on purpose: they want to communicate the idea that you have full autonomy on your own "discord server," when in reality you are still at the mercy of discord as a service provider. this is truly evil, this goes beyond a lack of transparency to actively lying to potential users. not even Slack does this.

we must build real alternatives to these predatory services.
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Firefox on Android had been my jam for a minute now but holy hell have I fallen in love with Privacy Browser.


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Tweet from ABC News:

A F-35 Marine Corps fighter conducted a flyover of the White House to mark Polish president Andrzej Duda's visit and Poland's agreement to purchase the advanced aircraft from the U.S. t.co/6ROLjuq5Q1 t.co/d1NAHxf6qj



How much would you pay for a plugin that duplicated some functionality of ?

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