@peevishpenguin He didn’t set out to be an icon of principled stoicism. And most people like him never get a picture taken of them as they refuse to take part in totalitarian adulation. Humility is to realise that in that situation, you would likely have been one of the others.

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@peevishpenguin August Landmesser, was an opportunistic member of the Nazi party. But loved a Jewish girl, and they made babies together, and suffered the consequences. She was euthanised, he was cannon fodder. But their children lived. Children who were created in what must have been love.

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Nobility. Even in the face of absolute tyranny. Live. Live as if life is worth it. Even when evil grasps for all that you hold dear. Live. Live as if life is worth it. Live a human’s life, even in the face of inhumanity. The cost may be dear, but you will suffer and die a human, the alternative is worse.

You will own nothing, but you will be allotted a mask, and you will be having a splendid time staying poor.

One cool thing with Mastodon is if want to run your own instance, you can migrate your existing followers over. Go to Account Settings -> 'Move to a different account' and you'll find a migration wizard

Your Euro is signed by a convicted criminal.

Your   is signed by you.

One thing I notice with shitcoin bag holders is that they are often free market guys in the sense that they adore entrepreneurship, but they are so vulnerable to techy buzzwords. The thing is, you don’t want to invent a new money or currency every time you embark on a new venture. No! You want one sound money so that you can do boring but oh so important economic calculation.

I have nothing interesting to say. Its all been said already by way smarter folks. Let me just condense my main message down to a few words: Don’t think and act paycheck to paycheck. Think and act dynasty. Bitcoin gives you the ability to have a very long time horizon. And this is wholesome in the best sense, and gives your life meaning. You have no idea what the seeds you are planting today could grow into. HODL.

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The radicalization of America is the fault of:

But never ever
The corporate press
The Washington political farce
The universities

They are unable to present, even as a hypothesis, that they bear the slightest responsibility for making so many despise them
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Does saying “I don’t think education or health care are human rights” count as inciting violence?

Does saying ”I believe that people should get to keep what they earn - and are allowed to protect themselves from theft/robbery” count as inciting violence?

"As long as ₿itcoin is priced in fiat, you're still early." -@drbitcoinmd

The amount of things I had to learn about economics, tech and history to truly become bullish about Bitcoin and only about Bitcoin are astounding to me. I went through all the phases, including shitcoinery.

But am I still sure? 100% positive? No. Just as sure as I can be. But I take nothing for granted. Nada.

"Satoshi started a fire in cyberspace. What began as a camp fire, grew into a bonfire, now a raging forest fire, promises to become a planet fire." - Michael Saylor

If you are a trader / speculator I hope you got burned. You do not deserve to own Bitcoin.

Humble Plebs stacking sats deserve to hold the fire.

A nightmare: I am watching the red candles, there is no bottom in sight, suddenly Peter Schiff sneaks up and whispers right in my ear “intriiiinsic vaaahhhluuueeee” I wake up in a pool of sweat, screaming. “Noooo! Intrinsic value aka functional value is an impediment in a monetary good not a benefit!!!”

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