Can only imagine the angst in the hearts of people unaware of .
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How it started vs. How it’s going


fed - powell // not qe
qe = quantatative easing

what is the repo market telling us.
why are the banks need intervention from the federal reserve?
is the fed coming back into qe?

powell: "This is not qe. in no sense this is qe. i really wanted to say that" ...[3min later]... but not qe did i mention that?"

36:28 @

@pedromvpg when you’re on the fiat standard everything is getting more expensive. Those of us on the Standard that steak is much cheaper
PS. Don’t buy steak from Costco. Go and find your local Regenerative Rancher. There is no comparison for your health, the health of the animals and the environment. 👍🏼

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