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Launching "Bitcoin for Local Business" to help you create your own local bitcoin circular economy.

Share, edit, and make it your own.

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No vax
No ink
Natural hair color
healthy weight
low body count
has culinary skills
grounded in Judeochristian values
wants a family

Think about how rare it is to meet a woman with most of these qualities, let alone all of them. Tragic.

p.s. modern men are just as deficient

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Next week: Alec Baldwin on film set safety.

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Policías en Valencia piden a sus compañeros que no cumplan leyes inconstitucionales. Recuerdan que ellos protegen a los ciudadanos y no los someten a normas ilegales.

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Clown World Today is at 99K followers!! 🎉🔥

Help us spread the message and reach the 100K before ending 2021 by following and retweeting!

Benevolently attacking bitcoin
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As a Leftist Bitcoiner, it's hard to reconcile the hate speech within the Bitcoin community, with my goal to diversify the space. I view the extreme bigotry on Bitcoin Twitter as a major barrier to adoption.

I call on all Bitcoiners to please Call Out Bigotry when you see it!

It’s coming
Lawmakers are pushing President Biden to come off the sidelines in their efforts to tighten regulations on social media and other internet platforms

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@RawEgNationalsm money doesn't build character, it reveals and amplifies it. a hurdle that many bitcoiners will have to overcome is the realization that no amount of wealth covers for these deficiencies

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Money can give you a lot of things but it can’t give you:

-A loyal friend group
-A wife and kids that love you
-A calm mind
-A clear conscience

Those are things that can’t be bought, they must be earned.

Fiat cult
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The average person spends money they don’t have. To buy things they don't want. To impress people that they don't like.

It's a vicious cycle.

Foreplay for totalitarian abuse
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My holiday reading this year...what's yours?

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