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Congrats to @caroleanndanner on being the featured artist @bitcoinpark_ ‼️ She’s a recent contributor to the @Hodlonaut auction @bitblockboom, regular @TheBitcoinConf, and a frequent supporter of @citadeldispatch. COME SEE IN PERSON OR BUY ONLINE 🫡:

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BIS BASEL III Miner 0.00000001 h/s
3 cricket burgers plus 800 grams of soy protein bars converted to 2300 calories is enough to wake him up just to start calculating the first hash.

Shitcoin casino partnering with Fiat platform to capture more bitcoin under management is not good news.

GTFO of the custodian.

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Your support is appreciated 🧡

Collected donations will be hodled ✊ or put back into the circular bitcoinized economy ♻️.

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For the dyslexics and those who are not very good and making math in their head!

It works for me:

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Go out and talk to your farmers, your merchants, and your grocers.

"Bitcoin is love 💛 therefore giving bitcoin is giving love"

Parental love can alter child's behaviour but what are the dangers for a child's psyche long term if we make allowances and feedbacks immediate?

Does it empower the family, or does it transactionalize education?

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Launching "Bitcoin for Local Business" to help you create your own local bitcoin circular economy.

Share, edit, and make it your own.

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No vax
No ink
Natural hair color
healthy weight
low body count
has culinary skills
grounded in Judeochristian values
wants a family

Think about how rare it is to meet a woman with most of these qualities, let alone all of them. Tragic.

p.s. modern men are just as deficient

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