If it can be done, it will be done.
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Found an engineer on @Upwork who is helping me create fake and augmented retinas so @sama and his no longer can viably succeed. We are making tons of retinas by the hour.

What a diabolical idea they had which I just destroyed thanks to remote work. 🤝👊🌎

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🤡🌎 “Area reserved for CLIMBERS OF COLOR!”

Nancy knows
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Your house is worth $200,000. Print a lot of money. Your house is now worth $400,000. Tax the unrealized gains of $200,000. You don't have that kind of cash. BlackRock buys your house at auction for pennies on the dollar.

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New speaker announcement📣

The one and only @stephanlivera joins our speaker roster and will be in Miami for !

Livera is a podcaster who is co-founder @ministryofnodes, partner @BitcoinerVC and managing director of @SwanBitcoin International.

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There is a "Let's Go Brandon" party outside of Jet Blue Headquarters in NYC

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Gm, “well greshams law says” and “muh cap gains” are intellectually lazy and don’t embrace reality on the ground

Rebuilding the soil in Portugal.
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Of course I'd never miss a chance to do my David Attenborough impression and made a promo video 😁

Everyday, history becomes more relevant.
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In 14th C Florence:

+Plague devastated economy, allowed certain banking families to consolidate capital & power
+Riots provoked to intimidate those who opposed power grab
+Riots spun out of control, led Machiavelli to warn about provoking riots in cities

É isto q têm contra bitcoin 🤣
Propaganda desesperada.
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Fotogaleria: Lady Drag salta dos palcos nocturnos para as manifs de El Salvador publico.pt/f406998

US Treasury playing fast a loose with USD shitcoin:

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Many people, including @Jack, play fast & loose with the term "hyperinflation." In reality, there have only been 62 episodes of hyperinflation in world history. More …

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@pwuille & @amizi discuss P2P history and share their development wish list in the latest episode of The Chaincode Podcast.


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All animals are equal but some animals are more equal tan others. twitter.com/cwt_news/status/14

Jack’s tweet made the price of gas go higher.
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Filled up my tank today and you know… this guy @Jack, I think he may have a point.

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for me, even kids needs to know what financial literacy is. tell them bout

train up a child, in the way he should go,when he is old he will not depart from it. Prov 22:6

plan b, plan

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Once again,plz do a Bitcoin episode @rustyrockets !!! For a second there I even though you said "run your own node!" Bitcoin Is Love.
cc @dergigi @johnkvallis
Full episode here 👇

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