Any recommendation for a Mastodon-Twitter crossposter? Easy to use and maintain.

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Microsoft ™
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Blown away that some of the largest media outlets including NYT and WaPo still have nothing about this mass Exchange server hack on hundreds of thousands of organizations. Esp. now that govies are saying it's a giant mess domestically and worldwide.

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Another block explorer with interesting visualization with decoded TX data and input and output illustration.

Promo video for @Elisava's masters in design and data

Long term project for a visualization of the network and protocol.

Looking for
wizards for collaboration.

Keeping it only.

@martybent coined the trem “Satrimony”?

A good way to keep the bloodline pure.

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The state will beat up your grandfather!
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Absolutely disgusting .... charges should be laid ... AGAINST THE POLICE OFFICER

Try sparrow wallet for a bitcoin educational user experience:

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Slack, Twitter, Medium

has transitioned to

Mattermost, Mastodon, Email

We're at least federating... Decentralization is next.

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