Are you coming to Austin bitdevs February 18th? Think hard before responding.

The next Austin bitcoin developers meetup is less than two weeks out (Feb 18). Register here, out of towners welcome.

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Thank you to @FrancisSuarez @RonDeSantisFL for not locking your city and state down! Big upgrade for 2021. Cannot wait for this one. Get your tickets before it sells out, heading to Miami in June.

Pretty sure all of america is pulling for the reddit traders

Don't forsake your descendants. I am going to post this every day until you give in and book a ticket, Feb Austin BitDevs.

@parkeralewis @udiWertheimer @martybent @mattodell @nikcantmine @TheCryptoconomy @Brittkelly @sthenc @breedlove22 I’m booked and will be there for sure :)

Also halfway convinced @Katie and @HeatherEverdeen to come already.

Let’s see who else we can fomo into it...

February Austin BitDevs. Thurs Feb 18th official date. I hear that @MsHodl and @udiWertheimer might be coming into town, peer pressure is on for the other BitBlockBoom 2020 vets @martybent @mattodell @nikcantmine @TheCryptoconomy @Brittkelly @sthenc @breedlove22 in addition to everyone that came in January

@jimmysong I often tell people there is no such thing as a debt jubilee. Hyperinflation is the debt we will all pay. Just imagine the people in Venezuela with bolivar denominated debt...they would probably take that debt back if it meant a bolivar that didn't hyperinflate.

@yegorpetrov @americanhodl @nikcantmine @justin @martybent @mattodell you guys want to come to do a live RHR in Austin? We could record RHR live at Unchained before the socratic seminar

@yegorpetrov @americanhodl @nikcantmine still need to lock it down with @justin but plan on Feb 18

Austin bitdevs was lit last week, we want February to be even bigger. people came from all over the country, @americanhodl promised he'll come back if @nikcantmine comes

@Brittkelly I think he does it, at least one. Maybe not all 3. Be optimistic BK!

Do you think Trump pardons/commutes ALL three: Snowden, Assange AND Ulbricht?

Do you think Trump pardons or commutes ANY of Snowden, Assange or Ulbricht?

@nodeupdate @bitstein not feeling the apostrophe s but i have played with Path to...

@NormieNorm @bitstein I do like this but still leaning toward bitstein's idea as of now

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