Do you think Trump pardons or commutes ANY of Snowden, Assange or Ulbricht?

@parkeralewis I don't think that's the kind of thing he would do TBH

@parkeralewis nope. They will push the typical “his hands were tied - it was beyond his control” narrative that is typically used for why wars never end.

@Brittkelly I think he does it, at least one. Maybe not all 3. Be optimistic BK!

@parkeralewis my optimism is gradually, then suddenly™️

@parkeralewis @Brittkelly I don't think Ulbricht gets pardoned. I'm hopeful for the other two.

@parkeralewis Trump is just situationally aware re historical relevance.

@parkeralewis Don’t know how likely it is, but hoping he pardons Snowden. Having said that, even if he did - with the US being non-agreement capable, I still wouldn’t set foot in the US again if I were him.

@parkeralewis I truly hope so. I am indifferent on Trump, but if he does at least one, I will declare him the greatest potus ever

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