working on a book version of Gradually, Then Suddenly, thinking title will be:

Gradually, Then Suddenly
Essays on Bitcoin Monetization

Thoughts? Credit @bitstein with subtitle suggestion but let me know if there are any other brilliant ideas

@parkeralewis @bitstein Like It or "Essay on the Inevitability of Bitcoin Monetization"

@parkeralewis @bitstein "essays" sounds fairly academic in tone, if that's what you're going for. Doesn't sound newbie friendly.

@bitcarnicoin @bitstein that is kind of what I was going for, not like the krugman dipshit academics but something that indicated it was a collection of past writings

@parkeralewis @bitstein 😆 sounds spot on then. Gradually then suddenly is your hook but subtitle raises the level a notch.

@NormieNorm @bitstein I do like this but still leaning toward bitstein's idea as of now

@parkeralewis @bitstein

I like

Gradually, Then Suddenly
Bitcoin's Path to Monetization

I'll read it either way, but just as 2 cents I generally avoid books with "essays" in the title. Might just be me though.

@nodeupdate @bitstein not feeling the apostrophe s but i have played with Path to...

@parkeralewis @bitstein “Bitcoin: Gradually, Then Suddenly” and subtitle ‘Monetization of a Needed Human Good’ to reflect its so much more than just another asset/money/value store for those who think they understand it already without diving deeper

@parkeralewis @bitstein how about:

Bitcoin: Gradually, Then Suddenly
Essays on Bitcoin’s Disruption (to old system) ?

Kind of like Max Kisser says a global insurrection against central bank’s occupation

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