I've been shitposting on twitter more these days. Over here, this feels like the home team where we figure out what to shitpost and then shitpost on twitter to get them to come here. Does that feel like the right strategy?

@parkeralewis agreed. This is our happy place. Shitpost to Twitter and the other mastodon instances. Is that what this "clubhouse" thing is?

@parkeralewis nah. The more completely you cut over and drop the legacy crap the better. Kinda like dumping fiat for bitcorn

@parkeralewis Super glad to see you here. This definitely feels like home. Admire a lot of your work! Thanks for all that you do for !

@parkeralewis most definitely. On the way out the door, shitpost more.


Tweet at people & toot with people.

Strategise here & broadcast there.

I’ve noticed broadcasting here feels really stupid.

Who comes to Bitcoinhackers & basically says “buy Bitcoin - it’s really good”? 😂 wrong audience

@parkeralewis This is where we prepare for battle, sharpen our swords.

@parkeralewis Been thinking and saying that since day 1 I moved over here.

@parkeralewis Tease them with something good and tell them that they must come here to see it.

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