Who else do we need to peer pressure on twitter to come over here?

@bitcoinordeath @parkeralewis nah he doesnt tell people to invest in ETH. He just explores it as a tech, not investment. He is Pro-Bitcoin though from a savings perspective.


my wishlist was:
Preston Pysh
Lyn Alden
Jeff Booth

Pierre, bitstein are on here technically but not very active

I talked to Breedlove earlier, seems interested but might need a push.

Would be great to get the others on here. I suggested earlier that since they have broader appeal might be worth pushing the idea of crossposting across platforms to get them to test the waters.

@drbitcoinmd i tagged keiser, szabo, geiger, leishman, benson and vijay

@parkeralewis @drbitcoinmd great work guys, won’t get more urgency or momentum than we have now, if it doesn’t happen now it will be pretty tough

@drbitcoinmd @parkeralewis just like good money pushes out bad...good Mastodon pushes out bad Birdsite

Great lineup. Some of my favourites too.

@parkeralewis documenting bitcoin would be sweet to have around here.

@parkeralewis No incentive for them to come over here. They're swinging in the bigger fight.

@btc @parkeralewis that be awesome. He’s still playing around with them big blockers

@btc he’s weird. But smart. I can’t badger him cuz they banned me.

@btc told Roger his underwear had permanent shit stains. Then blocked. I guess it was true. Lol

@parkeralewis In no particular order, would love to see these others as well:
Peter McCormack
Raoul Pal
Darius Dale
Tuur Demeester
Willy Woo
Peter Brandt
Michael Saylor
Dan Held
Dan Morehead
Plan B
Caitlan Long
Sen. Cynthia Lummis
Trace Mayer

@parkeralewis Lets get Max Keiser on here. Willy Woo, and Andreas.

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