Do you think Trump pardons/commutes ALL three: Snowden, Assange AND Ulbricht?

Do you think Trump pardons or commutes ANY of Snowden, Assange or Ulbricht?

working on a book version of Gradually, Then Suddenly, thinking title will be:

Gradually, Then Suddenly
Essays on Bitcoin Monetization

Thoughts? Credit @bitstein with subtitle suggestion but let me know if there are any other brilliant ideas

People who say bitcoin is too complicated have not spent any time trying to understand the clusterfuck that is fiat currency and central banking

Have a feeling Austin bitdevs next Thurs is going to be lit. Rumors that out of town guests like @sahil @martybent @americanhodl will be there, @Brittkelly still holding out but everyone is going to be there. Use it as an excuse to come look at houses! Texas is going to have more bitcoin than any other citadel, come one, come all

I've been shitposting on twitter more these days. Over here, this feels like the home team where we figure out what to shitpost and then shitpost on twitter to get them to come here. Does that feel like the right strategy?

Own bitcoin ✅
Deleted twitter ✅
Grayscaled my phone ✅
Joined Mastadon ✅
Was a real son of a bitch re-following everyone, but ✅
Eliminate the noise ✅

@parkeralewis @drbitcoinmd

"The Wall Street Journal had previously claimed that Alex Jones was encouraging violence prior to the storming of the US Capitol on Jan. 6. They have now rescinded that claim."

"Jones was actually seen on video that day doing the exact opposite, shouting on his megaphone and telling people to move around the Capitol and to leave police alone, warning them not to "make that the story""

Sadly this bullshit won't stop without defamation lawsuits.

Who else do we need to peer pressure on twitter to come over here?

Bitcoin is a long game. As we build Unchained, we do so with a long-term vision of bitcoin. For individuals that demand private key ownership, we expect to serve all their personal & business needs for decades. Sharing thoughts on our vision & strategy.

If your friends are talking nonsense about how bitcoin is too volatile, remember this one is always at your disposal

The only thing politicians want more than power is tax dollars.

Everyone come to Austin for the Austin Bitcoin Developers meetup on January 21, not this Thursday but next Thursday. Justin and Ben will lead the seminar but I'm sure we will also discuss Texas bitcoin citadels no doubt @[email protected] @benthecarman

This is what it will feel like when there aren’t any nocoiners to dunk on.

Damn glad to be here. Thanks @nvk for being our far more trustworthy benevolent dictator! Don't fuck us over :)

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