This looks great. Shame to only just have noticed it, would have proposed a talk. Still, I'm totally down.

@waxwing @christinabahk aware I presume?

Are any of the handful of accounts that follow me here hugely affronted by the mirroring of my tweets here while this here network bootstraps itself?

One person got super angry yesterday so I stopped them. Just noticed they don't follow me now,'s either that or tumbleweed for the moment. Register your objections if there are any, you've missed tweets on the etymology of decentralisation and Ripple botmaster lols today. Or help me set up selective mirroring 😁

Interesting summary, but I have a couple of criticisms.

1. "Monero relies on obfuscation not encryption". This is a wrong characterisation. I know where it's coming from: a ring sig over N parties still allows you to distinguish those N parties. But it's imo wrong to count that as "obfuscation only". But it's tricky to explain why, I'll try. A ring signature of this type can be (and is) information-theoretically hiding, i.e. perfectly hiding, as to the real signer ..

sometimes other people say the things you need to but can't :)
RT @[email protected] Fuck You, Pay Me.


First article in a series by @[email protected] and I looking at political and humanitarian applications for . What better place to publish them than @[email protected]! Forget those bear market blues and focus on what's important - freedom.

FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

RT @[email protected]: Thrilled to announce TxProbe, the latest in Bitcoin p2p topology inference. The goal is to probe whether two reachable nodes are in fact connected directly to each other. Achieving this relies on several subtle insights about how transactions are relayed


Muh special death spiral edition?
RT @[email protected] The event will take place on June 8 and 9 in Amsterdam. In addition to the two days of the conference there will be a training and a hackathon. More information coming soon!


RT @[email protected]: More curious BTC facts, the SHA256 of "stanley kubrick" (114WMnVScxwibDL2zBAX6pxMZbpFhSzjr8) got a 0.001 BTC spend.


RT @[email protected]: @[email protected] True that. Sometimes they wander (back) into academe by mistake, and boy is that a culture shock.

True story:


feature and discussion as "The 3D crypto world" in this month's edition of @[email protected] Magazine. Really happy with how it turned out.

Here are a few clippings, though you won't detect the ultimate burn without the PDF. It's available at

Nice coincidence, I was writing about exactly these aspects of Bitcoin earlier. Great to see this in ET. Watch out for articles on these topics with @[email protected] imminently.

RT @[email protected] If you’re looking for ideas on how crypto can be used to promote liberty and justice for ALL ... well, here you go. The best thing you will read on the internet today.


What these "ZOMG 51% attacks world is ending" stories miss is that mitigating techniques exist - suitable for ASIC or GPU-mined networks - to avoid PoW algo switch. For example, HoriZen and PIRL have adopted alternative chain-selection rules:

Just got in a discussion on slack and realised that it'd really be worth itemising specifically that set of fungibility techniques in Bitcoin that could at least theoretically have as anonymity set the whole blockchain. This is what I came up with, any thoughts?

2. LN **
2. scriptless script swaps **
3. Coinjoin Unlimited (coinjoinxt + dual fund)
4. Pay-to-endpoint style coinjoin
5. Regular 'Coinswap' without scriptless script **

** all need either (1) or Schnorr for goal.

So this is where all the XRP sockpuppets spawn from. πŸ€”
RT @[email protected] Sock game strong. I'll be using the XRP socks as garage towels though...


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