Saifedean Ammous on his newest project! | Jeff Deist, Saifedean H. Ammous

Saifedean Ammous previews his new online Austrian Economics Academy.

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LNCM enables first retail Lightning ⚡Network payment in 🌏South East Asia!

We'll let everyone easily accept LN payments in 2019.

100% open-source on affordable hardware.

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Falls du noch nicht abonniert bist - eine neue (kürzere) Folge.

Warum Privateigentum nicht mit Staat vereinbar ist.

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Ich habe mit meinem Arbeitskollegen versucht den zu erklären!

Höre dir die Folge vom am besten gleich auf Spotify oder iTunes an (links im artikel)

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If you want to learn why devices like GoTenna are important for a robust mesh network, this article is a great starting point

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SegWit transactions have really taken over:
Even without fee pressure
Even with NYA signer refusals to implement
Even with it being opt-in
Even with anyone-can-spend FUD
Even without widespread payment channels
Steadily approaching half of total outputs -

Indeed, e.g. all channels created with Eclair Wallet on Android since the beginning are private and don't show up on explorers. There are thousands of them!

P2P Exchange Bisq: “It Doesn’t Get More Decentralized Than This”

Today we're excited to release a complete redesign of our Lightning desktop app, with much improved light client support. Grab the app and test the future of bitcoin! ⚡️💻

Firmware 1.0.2 release!

Get it:

- Fully-offline Electrum wallet with segwit support (was only classic addresses before)
- SLIP-132 support throughout, for yprv/zprv keys (
- Bugfixes, including to backup/restore.

BCH is a fiat money

This is the text of what I prepared in my debate with Roger Ver. I wanted to post this here as a reference.

I love how CoinJoin in combination with Schnorr makes private transactions cheaper than regular ones, because several people get to share one signature. The incentives are absolutely magical. Fingers crossed for Schnorr in 2019!

Wasabi Wallet v0.9.1 (Beta 3) is released.
It simplifies the installation process (Tor comes built in) and includes minor bug fixes. Many thanks for @manfred_karrer for pointing to the right direction on Tor.

"Amazon has no stores 🏪
Uber owns no cars 🚗
Facebook creates no content ✏️
Alibaba has no inventory 📚
AirBnB owns no real estate🏡
Netflix is not a television channel📺
Twitter is not a public square 💑
Central Banks have no gold💸
Bitcoin is not money💰"

You Can Now Pay With Via Lightning at CoinGate’s 4,000 Merchants. Good job, @CoinGatecom!

The initial release of the Bisq Mobile app for Android is now available.

1. Install Bisq v0.8.0.

2. Download the Android app from

3. Go to Account->Notifications in the Bisq Desktop app and follow the instructions.

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