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So you tax me 30% of my income. Then you tax me another 20% when I spend it. Then you tax me another 30% when I invest it. Then you think you I'm not going to leave your shitty country? 😂

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"We've published a notice regarding CSW, the Bitcoin whitepaper, and Bitcoin Core's recent actions."

"I’ve been in for 4 years and I still haven’t understood what Ethereum is trying to be.

BTC alllows me to store my savings in an inflation- and confiscation-proof way.

I urgently need that in my life!

But what exactly would I need ETH for?"

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We're excited to announce v0.9.3 which includes support for 2 exciting new features: onion messages & offers! Onion msgs enables chat apps or even new protocols to be built on ⚡️. Offers expands invoicing abilities for exciting new use cases.

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