It feels like Mastodon is becoming a self-sufficient Bitcoin citadel.

Do we now keep Twitter for HFSP trains only?

Guys, which iOS app is the best for Mastodon? Mast is ok but a bit heavy and unresponsive.

Mastodon is clearly unsuitable for promoting Bitcoin — too big of a barrier entry for noobs. But maybe it can grow to be a great place for Bitcoiners to socialize in a relaxed and neutral environment.

The new wave of Bitcoiners is joining Mastodon! Twitter need to keep fucking up its game.

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@panicfomo I always leave a few months before upgrading. If a bug is introduced with the new version, I want it to be caught before I upgrade.

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Alright, I can't stomach Twitter anymore. Waiting it out until America comes to senses.

Twitter has become unbearable, and all us junkies are coming here. Can't complain.

Lowkey excited about Mastodon now that I grasp its distributed model.

But without sleek mobile apps it's DoA. A lot of work ahead.

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When you need to call someone an asshole, but need a politically correct way to say that, call them a chocolate starfish. h/t @dergigi

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