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Looks like mempool is pretty clogged. I'm waiting for my transaction to confirm over an hour :( I suppose I'll try the RBF and hope it will not break the bitcoinpay gateway.

Shitcoins are dying, the air becomes more clear again :)

BTC Dominance is up to 52.1%
Bcash is down to .0869 BTC

The only dapps that are actually have any usage are and and neither of these use Ethereum.

Ethereum is only useful for hosting literal ponzi schemes and ICO ponzi schemes.

This is genius. Create a payment channel with the change output of a Bitcoin transaction.

“Would you like a Lightning channel with that?”

I am now officially checking Mastodon more often than Twitter. That was fast.

So this just happened.. Good thing we've got Mastodon!

Thanks @mattodell, Tusky is really better than Mastalab. 👍

The truth of the matter is if your country is going through an economic crisis it's probably already too late. Becomes much hard to get your hands on bitcoin when everyone is panicking. You should be prepared ahead of time, get some bitcoin, and learn how to store it properly.

Remember to buy Bitcoin before your country's currency collapse.

You get a lot less after.

You see? Cody's site would be a perfect test case for whether or not Azure would kill his eCommerce instance. Microsoft and Shopify are both from the same camp in this war. There is no getting around it or playing it down. It is a plain fact, and it's insane to not address this vulnerability directly, openly and honestly.

So our CEO asked me for a help negotiating some new clients who want "blockchain tech" in their product. As I don't want to go against my own principles, I will try to advise them that it's a bullshit idea. The question is if this will cost me my job or not.

I love this Bitcoin maximalist heaven. We don't have to deal with idiots all the time.

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