I think I will start to offer managed or self managed mastodon instances in very well secure Linux environments for everyone. We all need to grow this network as we will start to see many instances being isolated from the fediverse soon as they are deemed dangerous to those in power.

@lukedashjr @nvk @likewhoa Weird, says he can't log in after posting his second post.

Dump Coinbase
Use CashApp or preferably Bisq.

For Bitcoin's 10th birthday, the U.S. government is shutdown.

@BTCshill Is this what happened to Ryan X. Charles' account?

@MattoshisVision Didn't Bitmain sell their miners with huge diacount and also for some voucher discount codes two weeks ago?

Best place to support the hard work of Paralelna Polis, Bratislava.
If you are not familiar with the concept of Paralelni Polis, check it out:

Show your support and love!

Cryptoanarchy future is now!


On this day in , the USSR ensured that remained a vassal state using tanks.

50 years later, the has turned sovereign nations into vassal states using banks.

@lightning_scot @vortex Sorry to break it to you but mining BTC via CPU in browser is a bad (shitty) idea. Even graphic cards do not have enough computing power to compete with ASICs. Even Monero browser miner is not profitable enough...

Baltic Honeybadger has option to buy tickets via BTC only if you contact them via e-mail... What? Seriously? I mean... We've had BTC only purchase of tickets for 4 years at HCPP and it wasn't this shitty.

Would it be unethical to DDOS bitcoin dot com because it is scamming people into buying BCH? 🤔

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