Binance P2P by the Numbers: Facts, Figures and Statistics Revealed!

"The platform features more than 1.5M weekly active users, who collectively make more than 7.5M transactions per year."

"Users can even choose to settle transactions using in-person payments."

[Caveat: Binance P2P requires , and uses a wallet.]

Bitcoin :bitcoin:

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"How to acquire without having to provide your personal information."

"Like @Bisq, is a decentralised bitcoin exchange. However, Hodl Hodl is accessed via a web browser rather than a dedicated app."

"No account or information is required to redeem [an] voucher."

noKYC Only


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I was right. Binance P2P CNY trading falls.

Will other P2P platforms benefit from this, or will they also succumb to Chinese influence? Another test for offshoreism and decentralization.

Binance to suspend Chinese yuan from P2P platform in December

:bitcoin: 🇨🇳

The Nigerians hooked on crypto despite risks

Crypto trading thrives in Nigeria despite official disapproval

"Other users just exchange for or other currencies with people they find on or [rather than using platforms]."

"As a result, said 's crypto use is likely even higher than its figures suggest."


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Bisq 1.7.4 is now out!

Key updates:
- support for full bitcoin nodes running Tor v3 (!)
- SWIFT bank wires for immediate buy/sell of 0.50 BTC globally (!)

Full release notes:


For P2P trading, yadio_io's Market Search Tool is fantastic!

- Choose Country ("Pin" icon) -> Kenya
- Choose Currency Pair (KSh -> BTC, or BTC -> KSh)

And it will show the offers (ordered by best price first) across multiple P2P trading platforms!!


A Central Bank Digital Currency () will make an excellent on-ramp (into :bitcoin:) and off-ramp (from bitcoin), assuming it can be transferred from one user to the next (i.e., ) -- like how you can send to most anyone using Cash App or PayPal.

P2P trading platforms like and @Bisq will like.

The U.S. Is Losing the Global Race to Decide the Future of Money—and It Could Doom the Almighty Dollar


Lend at Hodl Hodl: Roadmap

- Lend 2.0 (first major upgrade) -- in a few weeks
- Hardware wallet integration
- Liquidity boost (Institutional Partners)

"We are currently preparing some interesting products exclusively for emerging markets, including Latin America and ."


The "Other" payment method on Local Cryptos was useful because the list of payment methods is just a fraction of all payment methods that exist.

But they changed and now the trade offer is required to use a pmt method that exists in their list.

If you can't find the payment method you wish to use, you can suggest a payment method here:

El Salvador's Chivo can now send transactions as small as $0.01.

Virtually free > Unlimited remittance fees

The increased activity in the region has been fueled by retail investors, who resort to every day for savings, remittances, and peer-to-peer trading.

@namcios with more details:

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From today on millions of users in emerging countries and all over the world will be able to tap into the through @paxful's integration on their P2P platform. A great time to announce that they are new sponsors of my show. ⚡️

Paxful Integrates The Bitcoin Lightning Network

"'s seven million users now have another option to transact — one that is cheaper and faster than the traditional :bitcoin: [on-chain] network."

"Paxful's onboarding was assisted by Lightning Labs."

Paxful is on the Lightning Network: Q&A with Ray Youssef and Elizabeth Stark

"On , transaction fees via the Network ⚡ will be set at a low cost, virtually free compared to alternatives. This has global implications as :bitcoin: now becomes a strong financial contender for everyday transactions."

"Lightning is also key to helping users earn bitcoin."

The P2P trading platform from Bitcoin[.]Com for BCH trading, Local.Bitcoin[.]com, quietly shuts down

Users asked to move their private keys to "partner" P2P trading platform Local Cryptos, which just added support for $BCH.

LocalCryptos launches Bitcoin Cash trading as its 5th crypto


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