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@RoboSats continues growing. New place available with documentation to learn how Robosats works.

The site is a work in progress, and it's a community effort. Any assistance will help improve the place and documentation.
Remember, it's Open Source!


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🤖 Hey, I'm just a bot...

A deployable- -P2P-market-without-KYC-nor-coustody-in-your-pocket bot!

Learn more:
GitHub: github.com/grunch/p2plnbot
Telegram: t.me/lnp2pBot

Tried out robosats during the market crash and absolutely love it

Link: stacker.news/items/28850

is like Hacker News but it pays you

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🥳 Woah! RoboSats has reached 2 BTC of total contracted volume!

59 days from 0 to 1 BTC.
16 days from 1 to 2 BTC!

Amazing robots and contributors, thank you!
Plot by @AntonopulosL

Lightning network⚡ P2P trading platform, RoboSats, growing fast!

Link: stacker.news/items/28035

is like Hacker News but it pays you

Bitcoin P2P Marketplace - Buy, sell, trade, and offer services in exchange for Bitcoin

Link: t.me/bitcoinp2pmarketplace
Comments: stacker.news/items/20092

is like Hacker News but it pays you

j4imefoo/nokyc: A script that lists all current Bisq, HodlHodl and Robosats offers in the terminal

Link: github.com/j4imefoo/nokyc
Comments: stacker.news/items/17784

is like Hacker News but it pays you

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Avoid KYC services when using Bitcoin. Apart from using Coinjoin and other privacy techniques, don't leak your personal data as much as possible.

This is why I modified my @bisq_network script to also include @hodlhodl and @recksato Robosats


CD60: building a bitcoin circular economy with @Dooowta, @BrainHarrington, and @5antoshernandez


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