@Chaotic yes it is. It shows all public channels a node has. But since it uses the geo location, only nodes with ipv6 or ipv4 connections are shown

I'm finishing the development of a new explorer. Are you missing something in the current explorers? Send me the idea so I can implement it too!

@NuGoUp @trigger_escape $400 for a month in this paradise? Maybe I should consider moving to Costa Rica

Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

I’ve participated in one, maybe one and a half(?) cutover attempts from Twitter to Mastodon. This one seems to have more ooomph to it though, because more good accounts are coming over this time / more peeps are motivated to try it. I hope this time it sticks; if enough people just commit to trying it out and cutting away from Twitter, this place could be the fun place we all want it to be.

Stick around and play awhile, let’s make this the thing we liked about Twitter back in the day.

@skankhunt42 @nvk haha great definition! yeah, I only found maxis here. nice to get rid of shitcoiners

Thanks @nvk for creating this environment. I really like the Local timeline where you can see all posts from everybody here, much better than twitter

Long live the king

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