Thanks @nvk for creating this environment. I really like the Local timeline where you can see all posts from everybody here, much better than twitter

Long live the king

@otaviobonder @nvk Bitcoinhackers feels like the closet thing to the bitcoin citadel we have always wanted.
Bitcoiners go to war on Twitter to orange pill the nocoiners.
Orange pilled bitcoiners then live it up on Bitcoinhackers.

@skankhunt42 @nvk haha great definition! yeah, I only found maxis here. nice to get rid of shitcoiners

@skankhunt42 @otaviobonder @nvk Indeed. Twitter is antithetical to Bitcoin. You cannot control your own Twitter node. They force feed and censor what you see.

@bitcoinbeans @otaviobonder @nvk Twitter is a necessary evil to unplug nocoiners from the Matrix.
There will come a time where neither Twitter or bitcoinhackers will be needed as the whole world will be one citadel (The Bitcoin Standard).
Though bitcoinhackers might still need to hang around to pass down knowledge of the times we are currently going through and prevent the next Fourth Turning.

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