Sorry I don't get it. Is there an actual "vulnerability". It reads more like an improvement proposal. Coin-joins are always only a way to improve your privacy. We may never get perfect privacy. Feels way out of proportion to me.

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Link to the disclosure text for the reported Wasabi wallet vulnerability:

This doesn't seem critical, from my understanding it at worst it lowers the apparent anon-set of auto-remixed coins in the view of a targeted attacker-- but nonetheless there is some drama playing out on social media around it. It is unsettling that I am consistently finding myself more wary of the dramatic instigation, than of the reported vulnerabilities themselves.

Joinmarket 0.7.0 release published:

BIP78 payjoin is the main user-noticeable change, you can pay in Qt or on command line, to https servers or onions, with a p2sh wallet or a native bech32 wallet. URIs can just be pasted in and recognized.
There's a lot of other stuff in the background e.g. basic PSBT support. Make sure to read the release notes if you need to upgrade. Py3.6 is a requirement now.

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Have they already thought about renaming the "Submit" button?

Saifedean Ammous :

"If you can't give me a definitive answer for supply at a certain block height, you did not Run The Numbers. You're just "

I love that! "ethsplaining"

👉 Iran Seeks Crypto Mining Dominance


Bitcoin mining in Iran is set to become even bigger with the government giving the green light for power plants to mine Bitcoin.


Oof. A very interesting story generally, but in addition, a strong argument for hidden services. Exit nodes have always been a weakpoint.

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Two of my bitcoin core nodes report this, on two different machines, two different operating systems, two different bitcoin core version. I had to test it :-)

My numbers :
height 642743
total_amount 18454467.12870545
It's surprising to see so many blockchain explorer websites showing a different supply.

Let the light shine!
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@ercwl The most articulate speech in human history was given by a Bitcoiner

If any KYC is to be done, it should be the other way around : customers should KYC their banks, the banks' officers and beneficial owners. THEY should show us their IDs and answer OUR questions :

"The bank boosted litigation reserves by $2.01 billion after striking the above-mentioned deal with Malaysian prosecutors over the bank's role in helping to enable a corrupt PM to use a sovereign wealth fund as his personal piggy bank."

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