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It's been 17 days since the , let's dwell in memories!

The wonderful @[email protected] took some great snapshots! Thank you so much! BTW: She's always looking for more gigs! ⚡


Next: . Berlin. October 19/20. Save the date! ⚡

Running lnd v0.7.0-beta-rc1 for a half a day now: 2 of my nodes updated smoothly by running a one-liner. It is recommended to update your -es.

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Update script for the RaspiBlitz to test lnd v0.7.0-beta-rc1:
The command to update is in the comment on the top.

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We've released the mainnet alpha of our Lightning Mobile App for iOS & Android, the first on all major platforms! ⚡️📲

Send money instantly around the world. Control your own funds and data with Neutrino and Autopilot. Read more and try it out here:

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Ha! Releasing my first app into the wild. It's - create webspace in 2 minutes and pay it with lightning. starts from 250 sats. \o/

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Guys, TFTC's thief is that close of reaching 1% of the total capacity of the lightning network (at least according to With a little help we can make it to 1%. Please only 2M channels or bigger

Remote connection to nodes without port forwarding or Tor is easy if you trust @[email protected] Since @[email protected] published the guide to connect the @[email protected] and @[email protected] mentioned it on the Noded podcast here it is how you can set it up on the RaspiBlitz:

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RTL release 0.4.2-beta

Static Channel Backups
Custom expiry for invoices

Release notes and documentation:

If you can`t wait for the upcoming RaspiBlitz v1.3 updating the RTL goes like this:
edit the install script:
`sudo nano ./config.scripts/`
change `git reset --hard v0.2.16` in line 54 to `git reset --hard v0.4.2`
Reinstall RTL from the menu

Uploaded a prebuilt SDcard image for the Odroid HC1/HC2/XU4/XU4Q based on Armbian and @rootzoll`s RaspiBlitz v1.2, Bitcoin Core v0.17.1 and LND v0.6.1-beta. Description and links here: Manual build instructions:

Hey @[email protected] what is your opinion on using @[email protected] and/or @[email protected] to directly transfer to you without going through a dedicated EUR account?
I have found a successful report:
but also vaguely remember @[email protected] telling about some troubles.

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New + node. (Thinkerboard)
Test results during sync:
time: 4.5 days
txindex: 5hours
power: 5w 1200mA
temp: highest: 69C . while running normally: 49C (fanless. heatsink bridged to case).

This will be used for a very lightweight node monitoring framework.

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Guys we need you to open as many channels as you can to our friends at 038[email protected] !

Our true community hero @[email protected] is back. It was nice to stand for you 🙏 ! Now I convert back to my original form

Mission accomplished, time to take off the space suit.

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Dear community,

There is no way I can express how grateful I am for all the love and support the last months. It has meant the world to see so many good people really care and get behind me like that.

Thank you so much!

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