Best to buy the dip with @[email protected] BTC buy shortly after the SEPA transfer is through. Batched transaction with a 1.1 sat/vb fee +1.5% for the service. Might wait a night for the confirmation, but there is no rush to do the @[email protected]

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We don't know the future. We're not here to tell you how it's going to end. We're here to tell you how it's going to begin. We're going to show you a world without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from here is a choice we leave to you. ⚑️

Second alpha version is out with huge improvements. I like that it is called "Ligtning: Fast Bitcoin Wallet" now. Drop the colon next.

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v0.2.0-alpha is now available on Testflight and Google Play Beta

Release notes:
* react native build (removes expo modules)
* Upgrade to lnd v0.7.0
* Fix empty seed when generating new wallet
* Allow changing the PIN in settings
* Wallet recovery when locked out on PIN screen

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The video of @[email protected] presenting @[email protected] on the Raspiblitz is up! Stay to the end for a bonus presentation from @[email protected] on Lightning IoT projects.

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2.5 million sats already! 97.5 million to go! Enabled by bitcoin using @[email protected]

Please consider donating, Tor is an extremely important project:

clearnet -

onion - sqgf7aihkpxwdtcb3zjf62jo63o5yq

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Besides Schnorr/Taproot, another potential upcoming Bitcoin soft fork upgrade is SIGHASH_NOINPUT (BIP by @[email protected]) or the similar SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT (BIP by @[email protected]). If deployed, this would enable Eltoo, and could change how we use Lightning & Watchtowers.

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**Don't upload images you've downloaded from Facebook/WhatsApp**

Stenography is a powerful tool used to hide secret data within inconspicuous data (images, videos, audio).

Facebook is hiding data in the images you download which hekps them to track you across platforms.

@giacomozucco @nvk @Jack @SBR2 yeah @nvk is not even admin of the instance anymore, nobody is in fact. Anarchy! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

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Building your own router is a great way to learn practical networking: DNS, DHCP, iptables, Linux hw config, etc. I found this guide pretty easy to follow - all it takes is ~$150 and a few spare hours and you'll end up with a nice router running OSS.

The best use of fiat change: keeping your full node cool. Gold would work best BTW. Source: Raspiblitz

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Great episode of @[email protected] with @[email protected] about diy hardware wallets and bitcoin education!

I'm working through the mooniversity course myself and I can highly recommend it!

A nice solution getting around the need for an encrypted SSL connection to remotely access the Electrum Server in Rust () on a by using a reverse ssh tunnel to a VPS instead. Thanks for sharing @[email protected]

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Congrats @[email protected] for adding Lightning support⚑⚑⚑
You can now use Breez to buy with Bitcoin at Amazon, Starbucks and many more retailers is just a few seconds πŸ’₯

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