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2.5 million sats already! 97.5 million to go! Enabled by bitcoin using @[email protected]

Please consider donating, Tor is an extremely important project:

clearnet -

onion - sqgf7aihkpxwdtcb3zjf62jo63o5yq

The best use of fiat change: keeping your full node cool. Gold would work best BTW. Source: Raspiblitz
Community t.me/raspiblitz

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Congrats @[email protected] for adding Lightning support⚑⚑⚑
You can now use Breez to buy with Bitcoin at Amazon, Starbucks and many more retailers is just a few seconds πŸ’₯

New affordable, acrylic case from @[email protected] for the Rpi4 with cooling and GPIO access. Curious if those screws allow enough space to fit the LCD on top? πŸ€”geekworm.com/collections/raspb

The Initial Block Download behind Tor has finished in ~80 hours (3. 3days) on a @[email protected] 4 with 4GB RAM and an SSD.
It could be even faster with a bigger dbcache value in bitcoin.conf. It was kept on 100, the default for the RaspiBlitz optimized for 1GB RAM.

Testing the Initial Block Download behind Tor on a RPi4 running v1.3 ⚑ Promise I will set up two @[email protected] relay nodes in return πŸ™

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so that cloudflare outage was a caused by a single regex rule deployed globally in one goπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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Just rolled a 24 word seed with @[email protected] completely offline.

Upgrade to version 2.1.1 and create a seed with six-sided dice - your own entropy. Awesome 😍!!

Removing the LCD from top resulted to a 4Β°C lower temperature. Closed cases without active cooling are not an option.

RPi4 temperatures during Initial Block Download :
* stock with LCD on top 82.2Β°C
* small heatsink 76.9Β°C
* 30 mm fan only 67.1Β°C
* fan + heatsink 59.1Β°C

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1) I'm delighted to announce the launch of the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI), a live model that tracks the estimated annual electricity usage of the Bitcoin network in real time.


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