Recently tried @RoboSats the first time. Took only like 2 minutes, paying 2 hodl invoices and like 5 lines of chat with the buyer to sell the bottom, but with 5% premium!
Tor-only, no trace onchain.
Check it out with my ref link (earns 100 sats per trade): robosats6tkf3eva7x2voqso3a5wco
RT @RoboSats
🥳 Woah! RoboSats has reached 2 BTC of total contracted volume!

59 days from 0 to …

Trading on @RoboSats ⚡️ is so smooth, it is addictive. Figured it is not selling if I trade with myself, just testing the @Bitcoinbeach wallet.
Worked great, good job @recksato and @GaloyMoney!
So what's next, did anyone try @Breez_Tech yet?


The quoted tweet is not showing up on the top because @RoboSats is banned so badly, wonder why @TwitterSupport?

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