Just saw on the matrix lightning integration channel that these guys are now bundling matrix (along with already: tor, bitcoind, lnd, c-lightning, mastodon) into their "embassy" node package (which is a packaged raspi as i understand):


#bitcoin #matrix

@waxwing I have two big problems with this project:
- the stupid, restrictive software licence: github.com/Start9Labs/embassy-
- the catastrophic hardware choice of trusting everything on an SDcard

@openoms @waxwing agreed on license.
SD cards specifically designed for constant usage do exist. One big market for them is dash cams, which perform constant writes.

@pete @waxwing
Have to disagree on that, even those kind of SDcards (and I do use only the endurance ones) would only survive a few months running swap or a busy lightning database: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

@openoms @waxwing What brands/sizes have actually failed for you? Have you tried over provisioning?

@pete @waxwing
quick check in the drawer results this. I had multiple of the endurance cards fail after 1-1.5 year of heavy usage as well.
They are either painfully slow to write or read only.

@openoms @waxwing What % of the SD card was actually being used in those applications?

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