The service is a privacy preserving way to make any Tor only ⚡️ node accessible on clearnet:
* copy the .onion address from 'lncli getinfo' or INFO
* in the menu -> SUBSCRIBE -> NEW1 -> SELF
* paste the .onion
* Use 9735 as the Tor port number

* continue with the defaults
* copy the public address IP:PORT from SUBSCRIBE -> LIST
* make an entry under [Application Options] in the lnd.conf (SYSTEM -> LNDCONF):


* restart lnd and 'lncli unlock'
* verify the clearnet + Tor URI with:
'lncli getinfo'

Now any clearnet peer can connect to the node.

* one can manage multiple custom subscriptions
* the INFO screen will show the URI with the public address in red which is because the node can't verify it to be reachable without making an external call.

@openoms tor2ip is so cool, use this for my lightning node and my website, able to self host everything without having to reveal my ip

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