Have run these ⚡️ benchmarks on a 64bit RaspberryPi4 with a USB SSD and got relieved that this common setup is not a bottleneck for the Lightning Network.

Find all the details and how to reproduce the results here:

HW specifics and results comparison:
RT @bottlepay
We've been digging a little deeper into Lightning node performance 🤓

Here's what we've fou…

Turns out that using the dual 5V 3A power was an unnecessary precaution, when measuring the power draw during the benchmarks the numbers stayed within the comfortable limits:

max current: 1.457 A
max voltage 5.18 V
max power 7.55 W

using this tool:

From old times... I still keep these relics as a "proof of mining" for my grandkids.

Oftentimes the most power is drawn on bootup/power on, which that tool can't measure as it needs a functioning USB port.

it can measure all the time, because it is just an extension of the power cable.

@FreePietje There are also USB-C and microUSB connectors on the side so you can put it on the end of most cables and then go from the female USB towards the thing measured.

@FreePietje It's shape is far from intuitive and looks silly too when used ;)

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