Be ready for your funds to be kept hostage for information on all the custodial exchanges.
* use @bisq_network and @hodlhodl
* buy from friends with cash
* earn
* mine

RT @plan_marcus
Today @Bitstamp has gone even further than the law requires. They now want me to:
- show them how much I earn
- show them where I got my from
- proof of funds

Seriously!! WTF!! And I can’t withdraw and leave so must comply..

@openoms @bisq_network @hodlhodl that source of funds question always gets me. I’m a grown man who’s been earning an income all his life, it’s savings morons! But I think it’s one of the KYC questions they’re forced to ask to cover their arses.

@openoms @bisq_network @hodlhodl

I hate this for Bitcoiners. I'm working on getting some of mine off an exchange rn. So far i don't need to provide more info, but thank you for the heads up.

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