To create an onion service for ssh on a one can use this script:

The one-line command is:
$ config.scripts/ ssh 22 22

Then you will be able to connect remotely from a terminal running Tor:
$ torify ssh [email protected]
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@openoms @kristapsk @mutatrum I've been using Tor SSH with a node for over a month now, and I have to say there are consistent connectivity problems. Pretty much every day there will be a time where I can't connect. Some days not at all.

@spencerdupre @kristapsk @mutatrum Yes, the V3 Tor Hidden Services in general had a hard time in the past weeks.
Would not recommend setting a V2 address for this purpose because of it's low entropy it can be found and attempted to break like a public service. (I know we shouldn't rely on security by obscurity, but it is still another layer.)

@openoms @kristapsk @mutatrum You're right, but the problems I'm talking about existed before the v3 attack. Thinking of setting up a WireGuard VPN instead.

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