RT @openoms
@benthecarman does not depend on the Tor network.
Put the node behind a good VPN, set up to connect to the IRC servers over clearnet and away.

Is there a way to do that with Raspiblitz? (I mean, using the menu or similar user friendly approach)

to use the IRC over clearnet you just need to edit the joinmarket.cfg basicly to undo this:

Putting your node behind a VPN is an other issue. I set that up on a second router which is logged in to the VPN service and the node is connected to

Thanks for the answer. I figured the VPN would be a different story, but I kept faith that there was some 'easy option' in the Raspiblitz for that. You see, I'm spoiled now

@raul @openoms to be fair, if v3 onions end up permanently down we have very much more serious problems than joinmarket! Anyway, thanks to openoms for explaining this.

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