4GB RAM, 2x USB3, Gigabit LAN on a separate chip, USB-C charging for $55. @[email protected] please make it open source..

RT @[email protected]

Raspberry Pi 4 is here! A tiny, dual-display desktop computer, with three RAM variants to choose from, and all the hackability you know and love. On sale now from the familiar price of $35:

If someone is longing for RPi shaped 4GB machine with decent performance on RockChip RK3399 might do even better with the NanoPi M4

The problem I have with most/all of these alternatives, is poor kernel support.
You often end up with a half-finished 4.4 kernel from some 'random' repo, which often dies out after say a year.

RPI specific things get upstreamed/mainlined, which makes it easy to build your own kernel, but most importantly, you get fixes for security issues.

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