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Excited to see the first Whirlpool transaction hitting mainnet. Every Whirlpool transaction is 100% max possible entropy, 100% max wallet efficiency, with 0 deterministic links. Every. single. time.

As I heard previously min step for Wasabi is 0.1. Is 0.051 there for minimum whirlpool entrance?

@liberliver Don't know more details yet, but want to make clear that this not competiton between CoinJoin implementations, rather a collaboration to improve Bitcoin. Privacy loves company

That's not about competition. I'm afraid with higher entrance amount ZeroLink implementations will have less users naturally.

@liberliver I think 0.1 is a nice compromise, but the best is to have a choice! Will find out which amount will bring more liquidity give other specs will be the same. It needs to be a fixed amount until there are confidential transactions implemented to bitcoin (if ever). But then coinjoin itself would become obsolete.

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